“Making AML compliance easier to manage”

AML compliance software solutions

Our Story

Established as a sister company of Cinque Technologies, Finch Innovate offers a portfolio of innovative anti-money laundering (AML), eKYC and onboarding solutions, featuring our proprietary finch.ai algorithms to enhance the user experience.

With over 26 years of expertise in payments and AML compliance, we understand the challenge of meeting your business goals and complying with Central Bank regulations. Our goal is clear: make AML compliance easier to manage so that you can focus on your business. By combining industry experience with advanced technology, Finch solutions are leading the way with modularized, core agnostic and web-based applications with automated goAML regulatory reporting.

Our collaborations with top anti-money laundering consultants enable our advanced solutions to evolve with Central Bank AML requirements. Finch solutions are deployed today by major stock exchanges, banks, jewelry retailers, real estate developers, and money exchanges throughout the GCC and the world.

Why choose our anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software solutions?

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Enhance your AML/CFT operations with our broad range of AML compliance software solutions.

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Introducing our revolutionary Finch.ai technology, developed with our proprietary algorithms, to improve financial crime detection.
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Real Time

Minimize the wait time for your customers with quick processing of AML/CFT transactions and KYC onboarding.
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Improved Results

Reduce false positives with our combination of Finch.ai and rule-based transaction monitoring.
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Cloud Based

Take advantage of our SaaS-based solution for cost savings and increased scalability.
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Payment Flexibility

Choose the payment model that suits your budget with our flexible subscription and pay-per-use options.

Our Solutions

The comprehensive anti-money laundering solution for financial/insurance institutions, that require the maximum portfolio of AML functions to meet Central Bank regulations.

The transaction monitoring solution with an inbuilt, analytics rule engine essential for effective real-time and post-transaction monitoring.

The AML screening solution for Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs), specifically designed to provide real-time screening against Central Bank designated lists.

The AML/CFT screening portal with flexible plans for fewer transaction requirements.
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The onboarding solution that allows your business to perform end-to-end eKYC and customer information monitoring.

The dataset of blacklisted data and global risk intelligence that can be combined with any of our Finch solutions to perform enhanced due diligence.

Our Vision

“At Finch Innovate, we draw inspiration from the finch bird, a symbol of harmony between the heart and mind. Guided by this principle, we have embraced our name by seamlessly syncing AML compliance with the latest technology. Our vision is to revolutionize AML compliance by harnessing the best of artificial and human intelligence. Through the synergy of innovative algorithms and expert human insight, we transform AML software solutions by making the complex regulatory environment easier to manage. With our focus on the future, Finch Innovate is committed to advancing our solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients.”
Basil Salah
Managing Director

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